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  • Sustainable Mobility and Energy Systems
    Maria Carmen Falvo
    University of Rome – La Sapienza
    Quality of Power or Power of Quality?  “Both!” is the enthusiastic answer given by a team of...
  • Muscles made of plastic
    Alvo Aablo
    University of Tartu
    Most man-made machines are based on motors for their operation. Nature, however, is both more...
  • Exploiting Biomedical Information through Literature and Ontologies
    Francisco Couto
    University of Lisbon
    Proteins perform a wide variety of functions in living organisms, and identifying and understanding...
  • Restful mind, restful sleep: the key to insomnia in nursing homes
    Wolfram Herrmann
    Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    In our aging population, the probability of anyone of us needing to live in a nursing home at some...
  • How Mobile Technology Can Improve Access to Healthcare Around the World
    Marco de Sá
    University of Lisbon
    Mobile devices have become wonderful little machines that we use frantically as our means of...
  • Resource Sharing in Mobile Environments: the Next Frontier of Social Networking Novel Middleware for Green Exploitation of Social Sharing in Opportunistic Mobile Environments
    Paolo Bellavista
    University of Bologna
    Imagine yourself walking around in a foreign city with that nagging need to connect to the Internet...
  • The Physicist and the Chocolate Factory
    Frédéric Debaste
    Université Libre de Bruxelles
    It is something every chocolate lover knows. The delicious anticipation. The delicate unwrapping of...
  • Intelligent Cooperative Multi-Robot Systems
    Luca Iocchi
    University of Rome La Sapienza
    Robots are versatile and flexible machines that can be programmed to perform different tasks with a...
  • The eyes and the computer
    Aleksandra Królak and Piotr Kowalski
    Technical University of Lodz and Telekomunikacja Polska
    How to communicate with a computer without using hands? A 29-year-old Computer Science Ph.D....
  • “Please Turn Off All Electronic Devices”: The Future of Nanostructured Transparent Coatings as Electromagnetic Shields
    Alessio Tamburrano
    University of Rome – La Sapienza
    Electronic gadgets are more and more a necessary part of our daily life, such that it is almost...