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  • We are what we eat : Understanding the complex network controlling energy balance and feeding behaviour can help overcome obesity
    Silvana Gaetani
    Sapienza University of Rome
    Throughout different species, food intake and energy storage are controlled as an intricate system...
  • New frontiers for solving the proteome puzzle : Enhancement of sensitivity of microanalytical techniques for detection and characterization of peptides and proteins in complex samples
    Fernando Benavente
    University of Barcelona
    The term “proteome” refers to the structure, function and interactions of peptides and polypeptides...
  • Towards the Magic Bullet: Vesicles as Smart Drug Delivery Systems
    Carlotta Marianecci
    University of Rome La Sapienza
    The perfect therapeutic systems should be like a “magic bullet”. So said Paul Ehlrich in 1906,...
  • Volatile Chemicals from Plants as Novel Drug for Human Health
    Carlos Cavaleiro
    University of Coimbra
    CAVALEIRO (University of Coimbra): eighty percent of the world’s population today has access only...
  • Taking inspiration from nature: from photosynthesis to a low cost alternative to silicon technology in photovoltaic panels.
    Alessandro Latini
    University of Rome La Sapienza
    Nineteen years have passed since the original paper by Brian O’Regan and Michael Grätzel was...
  • Curing prostate cancer without side effects
    Vânia Maria Antunes Moreira
    University of Coimbra
    Worldwide, prostate cancer (PC) is second only to skin cancer as the most common cancer in men in...
  • The secret lives of enzymes
    Francesco Lanucara
    University of Rome La Sapienza
    Good news from the cellular yards! Italian scientists from Sapienza Università di Roma unveiled the...
  • Mission in space: effects on astronauts’ health
    Riccardo Gubbiotti
    University of Rome “La Sapienza”
    Human exploration of our solar system is an important objective for the European Space Agency (ESA...
  • Carrying drugs to target
    Chiara Di Meo
    University of Rome – La Sapienza
    Another medication, another chalky pill to swallow? Even getting your medically necessary...
  • HeH+ : The mystery ion
    Jérôme Loreau
    Université Libre de Bruxelles
    The helium hydride ion (or HeH+), the first molecule to form in the early universe, is still one of...