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  • Understanding the evolution of a birdbrain’s mind
    Christian Schloegl
    University of Vienna - Konrad Lorenz Research Station
    A New Caledonian crow sits in a tree and breaks off a twig. It shapes this twig into a tool by...
  • Plant Foods and Human Health - Researchers in Italy are looking at the healthy and unhealthy compounds in our food
    Annalisa Tassoni
    University of Bologna
    We are what we eat, according to the old adage, but how much do we really know about the...
  • The secret story of ants: we are because we share!
    Aurélie Buffin
    Université Libre de Bruxelles – Unit of Social Ecology
    As kids, we all have observed ants walking in line towards some sugary treat, like a drop of soda...
  • Computer-assisted modelling for the discovery of new drugs
    Alessandro Paiardini
    University of Rome, La Sapienza
    The greatest wish of many of us suffering from a common cold, as well as those with more serious...
  • Built to lurk: the regulatory circuit behind stomach bugs
    Alberto Danielli
    University of Bologna
    In the late seventies, if you had a stomach ache or gastritis your doctor would probably have...
  • Save frogs to save humans: how frog skin can help treat human infections
    Maria Luisa Mangoni
    University of Rome – La Sapienza
    Frogs and humans seem worlds apart: they hop, we stroll; they eat flies, we eat fries. But the...
  • Darwin’s dream
    Hugues Roest Crollius
    Ecole Normale Supérieure - CNRS
    The principles of evolution first outlined by Charles Darwin in 1859 affect every living organism,...
  • Why do cancer cells play out of tune?
    Alessandro Fatica
    University of Rome, La Sapienza
    Try to imagine that what is happening within our cells is a sort of ‘symphony’. The music is...
  • Counting on the Tree of Life
    Simone Giannerini
    University of Bologna
    An octopus can count; some birds can count; you can count; but is it possible that your DNA can...
  • Searching for Prometheus: Cell therapy and tissue engineering for heart disease
    Giacomo Frati
    Università di Roma La Sapienza
    Italian researchers are engineering human stem cells to repair damaged hearts. In Greek mythology,...