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  • Vitamin E: More Than an Antioxidant
    Sergi Munné-Bosch
    University of Barcelona
    Researchers at the University of Barcelona Link Vitamin E to Ethylene Hormone Signalling, an...
  • Game On! Learning to Fight Real Diseases in a Virtual World
    Paulino Gomez-Puertas
    Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
    In a Madrid laboratory, Dr Paulino Gómez-Puertas and his team are creating a virtual world, using...
  • Nature's Flexible Keys to Molecular Locks
    Zoltán Gáspári
    Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
    All life processes can be traced to interactions between molecules. Proteins are some of the most...
  • Our Brain’s Language-Readiness
    Cedric Boeckx
    University of Barcelona
    During the course of evolution, our brain got ‘language-ready’ — that is, ready to construct and...
  • Volition and Inhibition: Not “Free Will” but “Free Won’t"
    Giovanni Mirabella
    University of Rome “La Sapienza”
    We humans are always under the impression of being able to act as we want — we think that we use...
  • Deciphering Protein Folding: The Devil Is in the Details
    Stefano Gianni
    University of Rome La Sapienza
    Proteins control the life of every living cell down to the smallest detail. For example, almost...
  • Stop Wasting Away: Giving Patients an Increased Chance of Survival by Fighting Cachexia
    Silvia Busquets Rius
    University of Barcelona
    Cachexia is defined as a state of malnutrition and physical exhaustion and includes weight loss (up...
  • Plant Skin: Of Interest to Humans and Insects
    Sophia Rhizopoulou
    University of Athens
    Millions of years before people began making and manipulating synthetic structures, plant...
  • Something from Nothing: Novel Genes from Existing, Non-coding DNA
    Daniel Murphy
    Trinity College Dublin
    Comparison of mouse DNA with that of other species has revealed several genes that have developed...
  • How Strong Is a Virus? Measuring Single Virus Cell Attachment Forces Motivates the Design of New Antiviral Drugs
    Christian Sieben
    Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    Flu epidemics remain a constant threat for humans, even though recent `bird and swine flu´ cases...