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Political Science
  • The Climate Clash: What the EU and the USA Deeply Disagree About
    Johannes Stripple
    Lund University
    The year 2009 marked a crucial juncture in the evolution of an international response to the threat...
  • Elections and the “Stability” of U.S. Foreign Policy in the Post–WWII Period
    Łukasz Wordliczek
    Jagiellonian University in Krakow
    A boy once went to a circus with his father and saw an elephant tied to a small pole with a rope....
  • Economic Union in Asia: A Partner or Competitor for the European Union?
    Marcin Grabowski
    Jagiellonian University in Krakow
    The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) decided to create an ASEAN Economic Community...
  • Governing Fear in the Global Epoch
    Maria Laura Lanzillo
    University of Bologna
    Is a government of fear still the aim of politics or is fear governing our days? Answering this...
  • Bolivia’s New Constitution: Changes and Challenges
    Almut Schilling-Vacaflor Del Carpio
    University of Vienna
    Bolivia´s new Constitution is part of a wider development of a “new Constitutionalism in Latin...
  • Landmine Clearance: Revealing Differences in US and Norwegian Approaches to Insecurity
    Matthew Bolton
    London School of Economics
    What can a study of landmine clearance tell us about the countries, their values and the national...