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  • Electrons surfing on a light wave
    Johan Mauritsson
    Lund University
    With the development of attosecond pulses, it is finally possible to study the motion of electrons...
  • Optimizing by Passing Messages
    Federico Ricci-Tersenghi
    University of Rome La Sapienza
    Sometimes we are required to find a solution to a given problem that satisfies many constraints at...
  • Revealing the Invisible: Catching the Elusive Neutrino
    Maximiliano Sioli – Tommaso Chiarusi
    University of Bologna
    Suppose that you can expose our Earth to some radiation to explore its interior, as we do with X-...
  • “Nano”-effects in your coffee maker?
    Florian Spieckermann
    University of Vienna
    You may have noticed that over a number of years, plastics have been replacing metals in objects of...
  • Watching the atoms bustle: Is a solid really static?
    Michael Leitner
    University of Vienna
    The world we live in is essentially solid. Solid matter makes up the ground we stand on, the houses...
  • The Particles We Never Exhale…
    Jakob Löndahl
    Lund University
    Millions of people die each year due to air pollution. A novel device has made it possible to...