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  • Scattered Mural Painting Fragments: Putting the Pieces Back Together
    Carles Mancho
    University of Barcelona
    Virtual tools are helping art historians in Barcelona to “reconstruct” the isolated church...
  • Bodies that Weave Art, Art that Tells Lives
    Shahd Wadi
    University of Coimbra
    The artistic life-stories of Palestinian women. Since the Israeli occupation of Palestine in 1948...
  • Tree Rings, the Barcodes of Nature, Illuminate Art History
    Alar Läänelaid
    University of Tartu
    We are all familiar with the use of barcodes in our daily lives, especially in supermarkets. Tree...
  • Theatrical Representation of Scientific Ideas: A Research and Development Project for Improving the Teaching of Science
    Dr Vasilis Tselfes and Dr Antigoni Paroussi
    Teaching student teachers how to teach is a complex matter. Early childhood student teachers, for...
  • “Art rocks!” How art history is helping to date ancient rock art
    Conny Reichling
    Université Libre de Bruxelles
    Paintings and engravings made by our forebears have been discovered in places all around the world...